The Administrative Council meets on odd-numbered months, on the 4th Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Church Fellowship Hall.

The Primary Task of the Council on Ministries

To lead in developing goals and programs to fulfill the ministry of your congregation–supporting individuals in their daily discipleship through church programs and projects in partnership with other organizations and the connectional church–to make your community more loving and just.

Responsibilities of the Council on Ministries
  1. To study the hopes and concerns of people in your community so that you may determine how your congregation might serve them and how they might serve one another as Christian disciples and good neighbors.
  2. To propose to the administrative board plans for the congregation’s ministry; to support the various ministry groups (work areas) and committees as they carry out these plans.
  3. To become familiar with, and use appropriately; the resources for ministry provided by the district, annual conference, jurisdiction, the General Council on Ministries, and the general boards and agencies.
  4. To ensure that ministry group (work area) and committee tasks are carried out.
  5. To elect teachers, counselors, and officers for the church school, upon the recommendation of the education ministry group (work area).
  6. To make recommendations to the pastor-parish relations committee (in consultation with the pastor) regarding professional and other staff positions needed to carry out programs of ministry.
  7. To request of the committee on finance the funds needed to carry out programs of ministry.
  8. To be accountable to the administrative board and the charge conference.