The Primary Task of the Church School

is to provide Christian education, in the Sunday school and in other settings, that help people grow in their understanding of the Bible and their Christian faith so that they may live as Christian disciples and as good neighbors.

Responsibilities of the Superintendent
  1. To be responsible for supervising the total church school program of the church, working cooperatively with and under the guidance of the education committee and the pastor.
  2. To recommend people to the church council for election as teachers and leaders.
  3. To evaluate the effectiveness of the study programs of the church, to identify needs for additional study opportunities, and to make recommendations to the education committee
  4. To develop and carry out plans to promote church school attendance and participation.
  5. To serve as a consultant for people responsible for the Christian education of children, youth, and adults in the congregation and the community.
  6. To participate fully in the church council.
  7. To be accountable to the charge conference through the church council.

Source:  Discipleship Ministries Unit, General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church.

Chairperson/Sunday School Superintendent: Mary Tomlin
Ex-officio: Sunday School class teachers, youth director(s)

Class of 2019: Kim Spangenberg
Class of 2020: Peggy Jordan, Casey Zang
Class of 2021: Eric McClarey, Rachael Borgman