The Primary Task of the Committee on Evangelism

The first goal of the Evangelism Committee is to help people relate to God so that they will begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. We work towards this goal by encouraging our congregation’s involvement in the community and in witness to others. Our second goal is to lead both new Christians and all disciples of Christ into ongoing discipleship and spiritual formation. Disciples make disciples. The Evangelism Committee supports: community parades, blood drives, VBS, summer movie series for children, September Song, educational opportunities, Bible studies, and more.

Responsibilities of the Committee on Evangelism
  1. To work with the pastor and the church council to make evangelism a vital part of the congregation’s ministry.
  2. To care for all members of the congregation (including those who are inactive), as well as people who are not members of any congregation; to help all know and respond to the love of God in Christ.
  3. To work with all groups and people in the congregation to keep an updated prospect file and to provide for visitation programs.
  4. To be familiar with the overall goals of the congregation and how evangelism relates to these.
  5. To set goals for congregational growth and to plan specific evangelistic events and missions.
  6. To develop and carry out programs of membership care, including plans for growth in devotional life and for the distribution of devotional resources.
  7. To learn about recommended programs and resources that assist the congregation in its ministry of evangelism.
Responsibilities of the Chairperson
  1. To be responsible for guiding the work of the ministry group (work area) throughout the year, planning agendas, and presiding at meetings.
  2. To participate in meetings of the church council and charge conference, representing evangelism hopes and concerns.
  3. To be accountable to the charge conference through the church council.

Source:  Discipleship Ministries Unit, General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church.

Chairperson:  Diana Phillips

Class of 2019: Marc Drake, Kayleigh Dirden, Connie Charlesworth
Class of 2020: Rhoda Walker
Class of 2021: Maggie McClarey, Amy Hrynewych, Diana Phillips