Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is made up of members of a variety of backgrounds. Some have expertise in financial management; others are church committee chairpersons or representatives; some are on the committee to give the group a broader view of the congregation and community. All take seriously their responsibilities to be good stewards of financial gifts that are given to the church, and to help Centenary best use its financial resources to enable the ministry of Jesus Christ.

The Finance Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and helping the church treasurer handle all bills.
  • Monitoring investment funds
  • Working with committees of the church to fund current needs and future growth.
  • Working closely with the Board of Trustees to fund building needs (both church building and parsonage) and plan for future projects.


The committee shall include the pastor, chairperson of the Administrative Council, a lay member of Annual Conference, SPRC chairperson, chairperson of the Stewardship Committee, lay leader, treasurer, financial secretary, representative of the Trustees [selected by the Trustees], church business administrator, and others elected by the Charge Conference.

Chairperson: Helen Baldwin
Pastor: Pastor Mel Nielsen
Lay Leader: Catherine Pritchett
Administrative Council Chairperson: Barbara Wooldridge
Lay Member To Annual Conference: Kevin Hinkle, Karmen Birdsell
Treasurer: Steve McCarty
Chairperson Staff Parish Relations Committee: Karmen Birdsell
Stewardship Committee Chairperson: Jane Masters
Trustee Representative: Mark Stiltz
Financial Secretary: Karen Dirksmeyer
Investment Committee: Marc Ginder

Class of 2019: Matthew Hardy
Class of 2020: Jerry Walker
Class of 2021: David Drake

Source:  Discipleship Ministries Unit, General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church.

Do you have a request for purchasing goods or services for the church?
Requisition approval is required before any orders are placed or items are purchased. Requests are approved by the Finance Committee in order to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover all expenses. Requisition forms, available here on the website, office mail box, or by email, once completed please turn it into the office administrator. The person who placed the requisition will be informed when approval is given.

Download the form HERE, fill it out, and send it to, or drop it by the church office.

Audit Committee

Class of 2019: Ken DeFrates
Class of 2020: Jan Adams
Class of 2021: Charlie Rhine, Angie Freitag, Roger Houston

Fox Trust Committee

Chairperson:   to be determined
Class of 2019:  Casey Zang
Class of 2020: Bob Stidham
Class of 2021:  Dave Adams
Class of 2022:  Karen Decker

Below you can see a copy of Centenary’s 2019 Church Budget

2019 Budget

Below you can see a copy of Centenary’s 2018 Charge Conference

2018 Charge Conference