The Primary Task of the Committee on Lay Leadership

To ensure that your congregation has a process for discovering, inviting, nominating, and supporting people for Christian spiritual leadership positions essential to the ministries of nurture and outreach in your local congregation and community.

Responsibilities of the Committee
  1. To become familiar with as many persons in your congregation as possible. List their gifts, skills, interests, knowledge, and commitment. Be sure to consider people of various ages (including youth, young adults, and older adults) and life situations (married, single, retired). Develop a system for keeping this list up-to-date.
  2. To list the leadership positions established in your congregation (other than paid staff).
  3. To work cooperatively with committees, ministry groups (work areas), and other groups or individuals in preparing job descriptions that are adapted to the needs and organizational style of your church.
  4. To study the responsibilities for each leadership position.
  5. To match potential leaders with particular leadership positions.
  6. To invite people to serve in leadership positions, receive their responses, and present those nominated to the charge conference.
  7. To plan for programs throughout the year to ensure that people are adequately trained and supported for their work.
  8. To elect a lay co-chairperson-the pastor is the chairperson-to represent the committee on the church council.
  9. To be accountable to the charge conference through the church council.

The pastor is the chairperson, and one lay person shall be elected vice chairperson by the Charge Conference.  There shall not be more than nine members other than the pastor and lay leader.  There shall be at least one youth [age 12-17].  The new class and any vacancies shall be filled by nominations from the floor of Charge Conference or through recommendation of the Committee on Lay Leadership. Retiring members shall not succeed themselves.)

Chairperson:  Pastor Mel Nielsen
Lay Leader:  Catherine Pritchett

Class of 2019: Debbie Belzer
Class of 2020: Terri Benz, Roger Houston
Class of 2021: Bonita Day, Bev Rhine