The Primary Task of the Stewardship Committee

to help people understand the meaning of Christian stewardship and the need to practice it in all of life.

Responsibilities of the Stewardship Committee
  1. To coordinate the planning and implementation of a comprehensive program of stewardship education, inspiration, and action.
  2. To learn about the hopes and concerns of the congregation-as a whole and as individuals-in the area of stewardship.
  3. To be familiar with the overall goals of the congregation, how these influence its stewardship programs, and how stewardship can influence and extend these goals.
  4. To link with organizations, people, and resources in and beyond the congregation that share stewardship responsibilities and concerns.
Responsibilities of the Chairperson
  1. To be responsible for guiding the work of the Stewardship Committee throughout the year, planning agendas and presiding at meetings.
  2. To participate in the church council, the committee on finance, and the charge conference, keeping these groups aware of the relationship between Christian stewardship and the mission and ministry of the congregation-as a whole and as individuals.
  3. To learn about and recommend materials and programs that will help people become involved in Christian stewardship.
  4. To work through the church council to establish a wills task force to handle bequests, trusts, annuities, life insurance, and real estate property.
  5. To participate in training experiences when these are available.
  6. To be accountable to the charge conference through the church council.

Source:  Discipleship Ministries Unit, General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church.

Chairperson: Jane Masters
Consecration Sunday/Harvest Dinner:

Class of 2019: Pat Manker, Jane Masters
Class of 2020: Tom Jordan
Class of 2021: Gerry Robinson