Primary Task of the Board of Trustees

The Primary Task of the Board of Trustees is to supervise and maintain all property belonging to your congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective.

Responsibilities of the Trustees
  1. To oversee, maintain, and supervise all local church property, reporting annually to the charge conference.
  2. To receive and administer all gifts that are made to the congregation.
  3. To make certain that all trust funds of the congregation are invested properly.
  4. To ensure that the Articles of Incorporation of the congregation are kept up-to-date.
  5. To be responsible, in consultation with the pastor, for all use of the church building and grounds.
  6. To be responsible for adequate insurance coverage on all church property.
  7. To submit annual budget requests to the committee on finance for property maintenance and improvement, as well as new property purchases.
  8. To be accountable to the charge conference and the church council.
Responsibilities of the Chairperson
  1. To be responsible for guiding the work of the board throughout the year, planning the agendas, and presiding at meetings.
  2. To become knowledgeable about disciplinary and legal requirements that have to do with the church property.
  3. To consult regularly with the pastor about property matters.
  4. To participate fully in the church council.

Source:  Discipleship Ministries Unit, General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church

Three to nine members elected into classes with equal numbers of members in each class as far as possible, with the recommendation that at least one-third be laywomen and at least one-third be laymen.  At least two-thirds of membership must be members of the United Methodist Church.  All must be of legal voting age.  The pastor is not a voting member unless elected as a member.

Chairperson: Mark Stiltz
Vice Chairpersons: Barb Fernandes
Secretary: Rita Northrop
Pastor: Mel Nielsen

Class of 2019: Barbara Fernandes, Phil Benz, Rita Northrop
Class of 2020: Mark Stiltz, Doug Birdsell, Bill Betters
Class of 2021: Erick DeBolt, Alex Hrynewych, LuAnne Woodrum


Elected by and answerable to the Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Erick DeBolt

Class of 2019:
Class of 2020:
Class of 2021: Erick DeBolt