Are your children growing spiritually? Do they know Jesus was born to be their Savior at the cross? Come learn with Centenary’s Sunday School as we grow closer to God!

All Sunday School classes are located on the second floor of Centenary’s Education Building. The Sunday School classes through the 5th grade begin each Sunday with an opening program that is held in the Sanctuary then concludes in their classrooms.

Toddlers Pre-K (Ages 2-Kindergarten)

The Pre-K class begins each Sunday at 9 am in the sanctuary for praise music with the older students. The class then moves to the education floor to the “Water Wonders” room. The Pre-K class enjoys story time, singing, crafts, art and games using the Deep Blue Curriculum. Our emphasis is on developing a faith foundation, knowing Bible stories and our faith traditions, relating to God and the church, and relating faith to daily living.


God’s Team (Grades Kindergarten through 5th)

Following opening in the Sanctuary, Elementary aged students will meet each Sunday morning in the “God’s Team” Room. Come join this class as teachers creatively lead the learning through a variety of fun activities. Students role play the Bible story, practice locating the Bible verse in the Bible, make crafts, play games and use the tablets to support the week’s bible story from our Deep Blue Curriculum.


“Fusion Focus” (Middle School and High School)

Following a breakfast served each Sunday for these young people in the Fellowship Hall, a down-to-earth cozy green room was designed and dedicated to help our students relax and share fellowship as they learn to apply God’s word to their lives. Lessons are taught through discussion books which are occasionally supplemented with videos to address the challenges in their teenage lives.

Disciples Adult Study and Fellowship Class

Aren’t we all “children of God?” Therefore, Centenary’s Disciples Adult Bible class meets each Sunday in Room 203, across from the Middle-School room. Study materials are selected by the class to ensure the subjects are of interest to its members.