The Primary Task of the Worship Committee

To work with your pastor and leaders of music to ensure that your congregation provides opportunities for worship that will help people develop and strengthen their relationship with God and will help them live more faithfully as Christian disciples.

Responsibilities of the Worship Committee
  1. To learn both about worship and about the people in your congregation and community so that you can plan worship appropriate to their needs.
  2. To work with the pastor and leaders of music in planning worship.
  3. To develop and support effective musical leadership in the church.
  4. To promote and foster regular individual and family spiritual formation.
  5. Other responsibilities may include:
    a) encouraging the study of worship by individuals and groups
    b) planning for ministry of lay people as worship leaders
    c) caring for furnishings, paraments, and sacramental elements for congregational worship
    d) enabling the congregation to experience the worship style and contributions of various racial and ethnic groups
    e) recommending the placement and use of memorial gifts for worship
    f) encouraging the wider use and understanding of visual arts; dramatic arts, and architectural design as expressions of faith and means of proclaiming the gospel.
Responsibilities of the Chairperson
  1. To be responsible for guiding the work of this committee through the year, to plan its agendas and preside at its meetings.
  2. To plan (at least quarterly) worship with the pastor, leaders of music, and others who may be responsible for planning and leading worship. This cooperative planning, led by the pastor, shall outline all worship services, including the use of Scripture, music, and special services.

Chairperson: Cynthia Claussen
Pastor: Pastor Mel Nielsen
Altar: Harold Sorrill
Music: Terri Benz
Communion: Cynthia Claussen
Sound Technician: Phil Benz
Usher Chairperson: Harold Sorrill

Class of 2019: Linda Tribble
Class of 2020: Catherine Pritchett
Class of 2021: Leah Hamilton